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TruePublic is an honest opinion platform where fast, reliable research is possible. Tired of low-quality paid surveys? We can help.

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15x more accurate data

Let’s make this clear. Our users don’t earn money to answer surveys. What drives them to pick up our app is the good ol’ human curiosity. They come to answer questions on the topics they love and see how they compare to others. And in between, they also answer sponsored questions — like yours will be! Thanks to this unique approach, our users stay highly invested in the flow. They don’t blindly hit buttons to quickly get another dollar. And neither do they try to mimic your ideal customer to please you. 

When you put it all together, you get data quality that’s 7-40x higher compared to our competitors. It’s crazy! So here is how we checked it. We asked users on TruePublic if they’ve ever been to a completely made-up place. We then asked this same question on our competitor platforms. And now look at what we found out!

Trendsetting Gen Z and millennials

According to Snapchat, Gen Z and millennials spend over $1 trillion every year. But because they are so hard to reach, we know almost nothing about them.
Call them? They’ll likely hang up on you. Send them a survey? They’ll ignore you. But with its witty questions, TruePublic draws in thousands of young Americans every day. They make up over 70% of our user base.
So we’ll tell you what moves their heart!

Quantitative & qualitative insights

23.6% may prefer your competitor’s fast food over yours. But is it because people like “all the topping they put on their burgers”? Or because “their food is cheap and filling”? Or maybe “their veggie options are better”?

TruePublicans love sharing the reasons behind their answers. Use these insights to assess your business from the inside out and make some strategic tweaks.
Hint: Reasons will also make for some of the best copy ideas you’ve ever had!

Looks like we found the perfect survey recipe!

First, you take a long survey and slice it into neat questions. This way people won’t even figure out who runs the survey. Then season the design with some Gen Z flair to appeal to younger audience. Lastly, jazz up the flow with some light-hearted questions. 

Besides the fun, the psychographic data from these questions help us discover each respondent holistically. So we know everything from their favorite shoe brand to even their wedding plans!

You won’t find TruePublic’s audience elsewhere. 86% of our users don’t take part in any paid surveys.

Behind great decisions is great data



Create winning pitches that land top clients. Hone your ad copy with insightful data.



Dive deep into the driving forces behind emerging market trends.



Turn your assumptions into conclusions with respondents’ in-depth psychographic data.


Brands &

Determine your product/market fit and build a profitable business model.

Our pricing is simple. $75 per question

With every question, you’ll get 300 responses — each with its demographic profile.
Speaking of location, our respondents are all based in the US.
For the same $75, we’ll also give your question a Gen Z-friendly design and let you
target a specific demographic group. Incidence rate will never impact the price.

What you get


Question review
& survey design


Age, gender and many other
demographics included


Fixed price independent
from incidence rate


Targetting per


Correlations with psychographics
and AIOs


US-only panel

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