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A new method to win the Next Generation

As a market intelligence tool for marketing and insight leaders, we are your secret weapon. At this very second, thousands of young Americans are sharing their honest opinions and actions on TruePublic.

How it works

Get expert help designing your survey

We will help you come up with the best questions for your survey that will appeal to most respondents.

Add questions and track performance

Add as many survey questions as you want and see the results in real-time.

Find your target audience

Tailor the demographic filters based on your needs and only receive insights that are valuable.

Export the results

Get a shareable link or the raw data collected from your questions and analyze the insights.

The TruePublic formula

Driven by curiosity

Consumers answer questions because of their curiosity. These are real people, not paid survey-takers.

Young and wealthy

Capture a representative panel of people who rarely, if ever, answer paid surveys and attend focus groups.

The whole consumer

Go beyond the traditional survey and learn about every aspect -- from health to entertainment, from love to personality.

Next-Gen insights

Lead the charge to the next generation of consumer insights and dominate with Gen Z and young Millennials.

You can make the world’s best decisions
Use the world’s best data insights


Quality insights

We don’t pay our users for their answers. They are incentivized to use TruePublic to fulfill their own curiosity.

Quick insights

We understand that you have no time to lose. With TruePublic, you can attain a statistically significant sample of responses in just hours.

TruePublic in numbers

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