Frequently Asked Questions


What is TruePublic?

TruePublic is the largest anonymous polling platform allowing users to

  • fulfill their curiosity
  • get answers to their questions
  • compare their opinions based on interesting demographic breakdowns
  • learn about where the public really stands
  • express their opinions anonymously and how they compare

What can researchers do with TruePublic?

  • Easily ask questions
  • Gather honest responses (anonymity promotes honesty)
  • Get statistically significant results in just hours
  • Target hard-to-reach audiences
  • Find correlations and crosstabs across many topics of research
  • Create their own samples

What can brands/businesses do with TruePublic?

  • Quickly collect answers to any question
  • Understand their best customers at a deeper level
  • Gather honest responses (anonymity promotes honesty)
  • Get statistically significant results in just hours
  • Target hard-to-reach audiences: young people and people with higher incomes
  • Find correlations and crosstabs across many topics of research
  • Create their own samples
  • Test ideas/concepts/new products/pricing
  • Track their brand’s popularity score among young Americans
  • Conduct unique segmentation studies
  • Create custom consumer profiles and see how their brand scores with each

What can journalists do with TruePublic?

  • Post questions on any topic
  • Find aggregated statistically significant info about all the trending topics
  • Follow the story as it changes with our “TrueTrends” feature

How big is TruePublic’s user base?

We currently have over 150k users in the USA, with thousands joining every day. We have a great representation of all the ages, and we’re particularly strong with Gen Z and Millennials. We can create a custom segment according to the needs of your research, as long as it allows us to keep the segment anonymous.

In which countries does TruePublic have a representative sample of users?

The only country available for targeting is the USA. We’re getting more users across the world gradually.

What’s the panel composition on TruePublic?

Samples mirror the Census data closely across a set of major demographics:

  • All races
  • All ages: even stronger with Gen Z and Millennials
  • All states and US territories
  • Great income distribution

What makes TruePublic different from the panel-based data services?

  • Our unique methodology: we don’t pay our users, we’re incentivizing their honest opinions instead. So they aren’t in it for money, but rather for their own curiosity 
  • Real consumers rather than full-time survey takers
  • A large base of young people
  • Fun atmosphere
  • Reasoning behind responses that go beyond survey responses

How does TruePublic verify if people are being honest?

TruePublic is able to verify users in two key ways. First, the method of survey research does not give the user an incentive to lie or be unthoughtful. Second, our team follows rigorous survey research guidelines. We take steps to remove outliers and responses that we believe are misleading.

How does TruePublic identify and eliminate fraudulent behavior?

TruePublic is developing an “Honesty Algorithm” based on the best practices of researchers. We will be able to identify if users are trying to fraudulently answer on a probability basis. For competitive reasons, we keep the details of this algorithm quiet as it continues to improve its effectiveness.


How does the credit system work?

  • You can spend your credits to get responses on your questions
    • FlashPoll: Responses within just hours (100 responses = 2 credits)
    • TruePoll: Responses within a few days (100 responses = 1 credit)
  • You can buy more credits anytime
  • You can only buy whole credits (e.g. 1, 2, …10 credits)
  • You can use the credit partially, e.g. 120 responses on a regular question =1.2 credits

Contact us at to learn more about our bulk pricing options.

Can I exchange credits for another service?

Can I retain the credits if I haven’t used them fully within a year?

Your credits are only valid for one full year.

Launching Your Questions

What question types does TruePublic support?

  • Options (2-7)
  • Agreement (Likert)
  • Rank (3 options)
  • Rating (Likert)
  • Number vote (Number, Year, Price)

What screening methods are available on TruePublic?

  • Our demographics
  • (Coming soon) You will be able to target the respondents by their answer to a specific question. For example, if you want only dog owners to answer a specific question, you will be able to target those users who have said they own a dog.

What type of content is popular on TruePublic?

The content on the TruePublic app is distributed across the so-called “Spaces.” The most popular Spaces are “Would you rather?” “Dating” and “Politics.” The questions you create will be distributed as Sponsored in the app, regardless what Space the users are in. But you can still benefit from making your question fun to answer.

Can I pause a question?

Yes, you can pause a question any time. You can later activate it again by clicking on “Continue collecting responses,” or leave it paused. In the latter case you will only be charged for the number of responses you’ve already collected.

Can I edit a question after I have created it?

Yes, you can change the content, the targeting, the start date and the number of responses you want to collect. In order to edit the question you should first pause it, make the necessary changes and run the question again by clicking on the button “Continue collecting responses.”

If you have a typo or want to change one of the options, you can edit your question even if it has already collected responses. 

After editing a question, you will still collect the same number of responses you opted for earlier, but the edited responses won’t be recalculated. This basically means that when you export the data at the end of your campaign, you will see results for the edited option only even if some respondents have answered with the initial response option. 

Note that you cannot add or remove options, or change the question type. 

If you need to make these changes:

  1. Pause the incorrect question 
  2. Duplicate the question and make the necessary changes 
  3. Run the new question to start collecting responses from scratch

I don’t have any questions ready. Can I still use TruePublic for my research?

Yes. Our market research team will be happy to help you come up with survey questions!

You can send us your research objectives. We will investigate them and offer you question ideas accordingly. Once you approve the questions, we will post them and collect the insights for you.

You will see the questions on the TruePublic business platform and will be able to track responses.

When will my question start collecting responses?

The start date is set to your current date by default. If you change the start date, then the questions will start running on that date.

How do I submit my questions to TruePublic?

You can create your own questions once you’re logged in to your company account. Just click on “Add question,” select the question type that best fits the needs of your research and fill in the content. 

As a next step, select the target audience or post it to everyone for “gen-pop” research. On step 3, you can select the start date and the number of responses you expect, as well as choose how soon you want to get all the responses (TruePoll vs FlashPoll). On the last step,  review your question. And if everything looks fine, go ahead and publish the question. You can also save your question as a draft on all of the steps except for the first one.

If you are too busy to submit a question yourself, feel free to send all your questions and details about your study to Our team of market researchers will do the work for you.

What’s the minimum number of responses I can request per question?

You can request a minimum of 100 responses per question. And the maximum number of responses you can request per question depends on how many credits you have. If you’re using the free version, there will be a maximum of 300 responses per question.

How do I make sure that my question gets the best answers?

What if I am having difficulties creating, running, editing a question and/or accessing the insights?

If you are experiencing any difficulty creating questions, running or pausing them or you don’t know how you can access the insights, feel free to contact us via the live chat at the bottom right corner of the page. Should you have any other questions or concerns, don’t hesitate to get in touch via

What do the question statuses mean?

  • Draft – The question is drafted and won’t be displayed to the users until you decide so
  • Live – The question is being displayed to the users or will be displayed on the start date you have selected
  • Paused – The question won’t be shown to the users unless you decide to make it go live again
  • Completed – The question has collected a set number of responses and won’t be displayed to the users anymore

Collecting Insights

How do I export the responses?

Click on the “Export” button on the list of the questions under the actions menu (marked with “…”) or on the details of your question to download the CSV file. You will see all the responses with a timestamp, as well as all the demographics of the respondents.

How do I share the responses?

Click on “Get a shareable link” from the list of questions. A link with the responses will be generated and copied. The person, who will click on the link will be able to see all the responses the same way as you do but will not be able to see other questions in your account. If you want to share multiple questions, you can send them a separate link per question. You can click on the link you’ve sent yourself to see how the page will appear to them.

What if I want more responses on my completed question?

In order to collect more responses for the same question, you can edit the completed question and change the number of required responses. Or, you can contact us at and we will do that for you on the existing question without the need to duplicate it.

How quickly will the responses be collected?

The speed of delivery depends on multiple factors:

  • Your subscription plan
  • The question type
  • Selected audience

You can consult the pricing page to see the expected completion time for your questions. Other than this, we have the following logic for the question type:

FlashPoll – a few hours

TruePoll – a few days


Usually, you can expect 200-300 responses per question per day for the gen-pop questions. The speed will vary based on what kind of targeting you have applied.

What kind of data does TruePublic collect and allow to export?

  • User responses
  • User demographics
    1. Age aka generation
    2. Gender
    3. Political leaning
    4. State
  • Date of the response
  • More detailed information and demographics (coming soon) 
  • Responses to a selection of existing questions (coming soon)

How can I advertise my business on TruePublic?

How can I access the data on the existing questions?

Feel free to contact us for that. We are also working on making these questions available to our business users through the business platform.

What’s the difference between TruePoll and FlashPoll?

FlashPoll – results ready within hours. 2 credits = 100 responses

TruePoll – results ready within a few days. 1 credit = 100 responses


Note that you can only add FlashPolls, if you have a paid subscription plan.

What’s the science behind the TruePublic ID report?

How often is the TruePublic ID report released?

We release the TruePublic ID report on a quarterly basis.