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Deep dive into what people care about, what they believe in, and what matters to them the most. Use our insights to craft emotional and thoughtful stories and make your audience happy.


Use TruePublic to gather world-class data insights for your stories. We can give your audience a real-time pulse of how Americans are reacting to political, business, and cultural moments.


Back up your point of view with the help of TruePublic insights. Use TruePublic to go beyond gathering facts and discover where the next great story might be. Use data to tell stories!

Article series

People’s opinions and attitudes tend to change based on multiple factors. You can observe that change over time through TruePublic. We are tracking each story on a weekly basis.

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While you can run survey questions on TruePublic by yourself, we can offer you the help of a data scientist to run a more complex correlation analysis for you and help you better power up whatever you have to say.


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