TruePublic is ready to help you win


TruePoll is your main survey tool. Our research team helps formulate the perfect questions before they are randomly presented to a mix of people across our platform. TruePublic is able to organically attract real people, who are often hard to reach with traditional survey methods.

  • Algorithmic randomized delivery
  • 1 credit gives a minimum of 100 Gen Z and Millennial respondents
  • Sample mirrors census data closely
  • Guarantees statistically significant responses in a single week


Sometimes you need answers right now -- get results in just hours. Our FlashPoll product gives you the ability to get the answers you need faster than ever before.

  • Delivery in just hours
  • Example: Pitching an idea to a client the day after a meeting
  • Example: Getting a pulse on how the public is viewing a PR crisis
  • Example: Running a quick survey to add more color to an all-hands marketing meeting

TruePublic ID

Gen Z and Young Millennials are not a single group of people. Our science team ran an extensive analysis on 100k+ Americans and 35k+ questions. We have identified 6 main types of young consumers in America today.

  • Get 6 main types of young customers as ID’s by our data science team
  • Track how your brand is doing with each type on a quarterly basis
  • Identify the best ways to improve your revenue
  • Learn how brands ‘win’ and ‘lose’ each type

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Our data science team can run a detailed analysis between any two data points on the platform and beyond.

Example: Understand how Uber and Lyft riders differ on psychographic factors.

Example: Understand how Republicans and Democrats react differently to brand messaging.


A data analysis project to help you understand how to win a consumer type, roll out a new product, or understand changing consumer behavior.

Example: In-depth report on the veganism trend with young Americans.

Example: Research on how political opinions are affecting technology legislation around the country.