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You would think people got used to online shopping. But no. Over 60% of consumers are still looking to move back to physical stores. And around half of them would feel safe trying on clothes and beauty products inside shops over the next few months. Check out TruePublic’s exclusive report on how America plans to shop in the post-Covid world. 

66% of Americans would prefer to stay at a hotel as opposed to an AirBnB if traveling within six months after the lockdown. But over half of the respondents wouldn’t feel safe using the buffets and gyms inside the hotel. Check out TruePublic’s fresh insights on how Americans envision their travel and stay once the lockdown ends.

Despite the distractions at home, over 55% still prefer remote work. More flexibility, more family time, and more money saved on commute. Still, over 70% admit they feel less productive and less motivated to push through their workdays. Explore the dark and bright sides of remote work in the time of quarantine in TruePublic’s new report.

George Floyd’s untimely death sparked a big movement against police brutality in the US. 70% of Americans think the use of force by the police was mostly unjustified. However, only 34% of right-leaning respondents share this view. TruePublic’s new research captures what America thinks about recurring police riots and what this civic unrest may evolve into.

Even in the progressive US society, there are still taboo topics we rarely talk about aloud. From marijuana and vaping to alcohol and sex. Did you know that 59% of people think marijuana has more benefits than consequences? Or that 66% prefer smoking weed over cigarettes? Take an insider look into what America stays silent about. 

After the COVID-19 pandemic, we’ll see a slight shift from international to short distance, domestic flights. But the protective measures will still be high up on people’s priority lists. 41% of young would be even willing to pay extra just to sit by an empty middle seat in an airplane. Take a dive into TruePublic’s new research to see how air travel is changing beyond the pandemic.